Can I bring bicycles?

Trailers: No there is nowhere to safely carry them. We do not allow bikes inside our rentals.

Motorhomes: Each motorhome has a tow hitch receiver in which a bike rack may be installed. The rental agency rents bike racks that accommodate 3 to 5 bicycles. A Bike Rack rental fee applies.

How is the additional mileage calculated ?

Trailers = Unlimited Mileage. Motorhomes = Each night you rent includes 125 free miles of travel on most motorhomes (Diesel Pushers come with 225 miles per day). So for instance if were renting for 3 nights, you would have 375 free miles of travel included with your rental. We calculate your mileage from our storage lot to your destination and back to the lot. An Example: Based on a trip to the Grand Canyon from our location the round-trip travel mileage is 812. Based on this scenario, the additional mileage is 437 miles @ 32 cents per mile or $ 139.84 additional cost

What sort of Electrical connections are required?

All our units come with a typical 30 AMP RV Electrical Plug (Some units may have a 50 Amp plug). 115 Volt Electrical service is needed to charge the house batteries when you are parked, operate the TV, Air conditioners and Microwave as well as power any 115V outlets. All our units also have an on board 12 Volt deep cycle battery that powers the Furnace, Refrigerator, monitor panels and interior lights. Therefore it is not necessary that you have 115 volt power available to you unless you intend to operate a TV, AC, or the Microwave.

Do you offer WIFI with your rentals?

WIFI is a popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly (using radio waves) over a computer network, including high-speed Internet connections. The Wi-Fi Alliance defines Wi-Fi as any “wireless local area network” WLAN. A device that can use Wi-Fi (such as a personal computer, video game console, smartphone, tablet, or digital audio player) can connect to a network resource such as the Internet via a wireless network access point. Such an access point (or hotspot) can comprise an area as large as many square miles. Whether or not you can connect to WIFI /WLAN from within the RV depends of how near to a “HOT SPOT” you are located. Due to the popularity of WIFI, Most RV Park Campgrounds offer hot spots with WLAN/WIFI connectivity. You can call ahead to any RV park and ask them if they offer a WIFI hot spot.