Kitchen convenience packs

Coffee Mugs w/lids (2ea)

Butane Match Light OR Matches

Dish Cloth, (2 each)

Pot Scrubber Brush or Sponge w/scrubber

Dish Towel, (2 each)

Dish Strainer & drain board

Sink Rack/rubber mat

Mixing Bowl

Can Opener

Corkscrew/Bottle Opener

Measuring Cup set

Mixing spoon (3 pc set)

Basting spoon, Slotted spoon, Pancake Turner

Cutting Board

Plates, saucers, bowls, coffee cups (microwave stoneware ) (* Quantity)

Plastic Drinking Cups (* Quantity)

Silverware (knife, fork, spoon) (* Quantity)

Steak knives (* Quantity)

Cooking Scissors

Coaster set (* Quantity)

Coffee Pot (4 cup) w/filters

Stove Top Percolator (this is the old campfire type coffee maker. Some state/national parks do not have electricity and do not allow the use of generators in the park, so we equip the RV with one of these as well)

Cook set, (Frying pan, 4 quart – 3 quart – 2 quart pots)

Stovetop Griddle

Pizza Pan

Large Roasting pan

Cheese Grater

Salt & Pepper

Garbage Bag

small Dishwashing Liquid

Waste basket

Paper Towels 1 roll

Fly Swatter

Plastic Table Cloth w/hold-downs

15′ Rope (small 1/4″ thick)

(* Quantity = enough for each occupant the vehicle is capable of sleeping)