The Coachnet RV Vacation Care Package ~ also known as Roadside Assistance or Emergency Assistance is only available on rentals reserved via our Wheelbase/Outdoorsy booking link.


We call it “Coach-Net’s RV Vacation Care Package”

Consider this: It takes care of not only emergency assistance – roadside issues, but issues with operation of the RV and assistance in finding campgrounds , making reservations and such..

Coach-Net’s RV Vacation Care Package ensures you with peace-of-mind protection.

Coverage includes unlimited: Towing, Flat Tire Assistance, Battery Boost Mobile Mechanic, and locksmith. As part of the program, you’ll be able to make calls into a 24/7 RV Technical Support Hotline to answer questions like:

“I’m only getting cold water in my shower. How do I fix it?” and things such as :

    • Operate retracting slide rooms to work
    • Deploy leveling jacks
    • Extend or retract the awning
    • How to light the oven
    • Connecting shore power supply
    • turning on the water pump
    • Starting the generator
    • Dumping The sewage

And of course it covers automotive related things as well.

    • Engine
    • Transmission
    • Brakes
    • Electrical (Batteries & Lighting)
    • Flat Tires.
    • Out of Fuel – Gasoline delivery
    • Lock Out – Locksmith assistance
    • Most noteworthy ~ finding a service facility when the rv can be driven or towed ( motor home versus trailer) AND Finally,
    • Personal trip planning services to help you find and reserve a spot in the nearest RV park. (They even source great local restaurants for you, can you believe it?)

We’re really excited about this opportunity for our renters to take advantage of such an incredible and comprehensive plan.

BE ADVISED: If you choose to pass on this coverage, the rental agency absolutely will not be able to provide assistance and you would be on your own to locate such services. Its up to you to decide if such services are important to you.