DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: These basic rental terms & conditions apply to all rentals/reservations for Southeast Arizona RV Rentals. Made either via the booking engines (RV Share, Outdoorsy, RV Rental Connection) or made telephonic or in person. Additional terms & conditions may apply as part of the rental agreement documents. The information listed here is for general informational purposes. Be advised that these terms are subject to change without notice.

PETS Special arrangements must be made prior to the rental. If approved for pet use, a $45 – $65 pet dander cleaning will apply. Some individuals are allergic to pet dander, and therefore we ensure auch dander is throughly removed from the rv prior to the next rental.

AGE REQUIREMENT / DRIVERS If under 25 years of age, Special arrangements must be made prior to the rental. Rental insurance dictates drivers be a minimum of 25 yers in age, However if you are Military and your insurance company ( USAA, Farmers, State Farm, American Family, Country Companies, Farm Bureau and a select few others) can provide an Full Coverage insurance binder, then exceptions to the age requirement can be made on a case by case basis.

RESERVATIONS Everyones circumstances are particular to the listed driver(s). Reservationa can only be accepted if particular conditions are met. Things such as Age, Insurance, Credit Card versus Debit Card acceptance, Credit Score, Background checks, etc etc.

QUICK START/SANITATION/PREP FEE This fee is inclusive to the cleaning fee.


You may have the option to obtain an insurance “binder” from your car insurance agent to cover the motor home or travel trailer during the rental period. If a binder is permitted, the coverage afforded by your personal automobile policy shall be the Primary insurer for the rental . “Binders” are normally very inexpensive and sometimes free. Check with your car insurance agent. Binders MUST include Comprehensive, Collision , and Liability insurance associated with the rental. Coverage amounts must be at least (50/100/50)

INSURANCE: If you are personally insured by one of the following, you will need to purchase our rental insurance.

21st Century – Allstate – AARP Hartford – AMICA – Esurance – Farm Bureau – GEICO – Kemper -Liberty Mutual – Met Life – Safeco – Travelers

If a binder is not possible, you can purchase rental insurance through RV Share or Outdoorsy for a nominal fee per day. Note: An additional $35 processing fee will also apply.

In regards to Travel Trailers, you may be able to purchase comprehensive/collision coverage through the rental agency solely for any damage to the rented trailer. If such coverage is available to you, be aware your personal automobile coverage is liable for any liability claim (damage you cause to other persons, vehicles or property).

LOSS OF USE & COLLISSION DAMAGE WAIVER: The rental does not include LOU and CDW coverages.

SPECIAL INSURANCE: Outdoorsy/Wheelbase offer options to purchase special coverages for an nominal fee. RV Share may offer specialty insurance/coverage as well. It is the responsibility of the renter to choose if they want to choose such specialty coverage via the booking platform they choose to use (Outdoorsy, Wheelbase, RV Share).

Outdoorsy/Wheelbase “Damage Protection” (Interior damages Coverage) Zero Deductible: Please be aware that DAMAGE PROTECTION coverage is “specific to the Renter” and Not the vehicle. If the interior of the RV should get damaged during the course of the rental, once the final cost is determined it is then chargeable to the Renter, and applied to the renters Security Deposit. It is possible in some instances that the damages may exceed the renters deposit in which case the renter is responsible for the difference owed to the rental agency. The renter may choose to file claim with Generali and / or their personal auto insurance or purchased Automobile Rental Insurance depending on the item claimed and the applicable coverage under Generali Damage Protection or the applicable automobile Insurance policy. The rental agency WILL NOT file claim with Generali or the renters personal automobile insurance, that is the renters responsibility. See below

Per Outdoorsy where the coverage was purchased. The renter should file the claim with Generali. This is done by the renter to get reimbursed for the damage cost up to $1500.

Below is a guide for the renter how to start a claim.

How do I start a RV Rental Damage Coverage claim?

To seek reimbursement for damages, download a claim form and start a claim with Generali Global Assistance by visiting or calling 866-409-7435. Once you’ve completed your claim form and gathered supporting documentation ( rental agency will provide you an itemized repair bill) , send your claim to Generali via email at or via mail at:
Generali Global Assistance & Insurance Services Attn: Claims Department

RESERVATION/EARNEST MONEY/ – Earnest Money (depending on type and size of RV as well as length or rental reservation time period). The purpose of Earnest Money payment is to secure the rv of your choice for the rental period you desire. Once you place your earnest money, the rv is unavailable to other potential clients for that period of time. Earnest Monies are applied to the rental fees. Hence, as a result If you place earnest money and later cancel your reservation, you are subject to a cancellation fee (loss of the earnest money placed as a down payment)..

ROUND TRIP RENTALS – All rentals are estimated based on round trip mileage from our lot in Whetstone Arizona.

ONE-WAY RENTALS – All rentals must originate from either our lot in Whetstone Arizona. Hence at the completion of the rental, the RV must return to our lot in Whetstone Arizona. Renter pays for actual cost to deliver or recover the RV from any other location.

CANCELLATION/TERMINATION FEES – Fees are explained on the booking page (RV Share, Outdoorsy, RV Rental Connection).

WHEELBASE/OUTDOORSY: Very Strict – RESERVATION/EARNEST MONEY/BOOKING CHARGE – Earnest Money (Amount Varies depending on type and size of RV as well as length or rental reservation time period). The purpose of Earnest Money payment is to secure the RV of your choice for the rental period you desire. Once you place your earnest money, the RV is unavailable to other potential clients for that period of time. Earnest Monies are applied towards the rental fees. If you place earnest money and later cancel your reservation, you are subject as a minimum to a cancellation fee equal to the Ernest money amount.

WHEELBASE/OUTDOORSY BOOKINGS ~ YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING POLICY BEFORE BOOKING : If a booking starts less than two weeks away, the rental fees will be charged in full. If a booking is greater than two weeks away, a minimal $550 Earnest Money/Reservation Deposit will be charged. If you cancel within two weeks of the rental start date, you will loose all monies paid up to that point. All cancellations must be submitted via the Outdoorsy booking dashboard or by contacting Outdoorsy directly. Any attempt to cancel a trip without involving Outdoorsy won’t be treated as a cancellation.

The security deposit/Reservation Fee also known as the Booking Charge will be subject to the above stipulations.

RV SHARE Reservations : Most Strict: Renter will not receive any refund for Cancellation. Any monies collected up to the point of cancellation will be retained and there will be no portion refunded.

EXCEPTION TO CANCELLATION (Made at the Discretion of the Rental Agency) Exceptions to Cancellation ~ The Rental Agency at their discretion may choose to offer the renter the option of rescheduling their rental to a later set of dates. Rental Agency is under no obligation to do so. However should the Rental Agency choose , they may offer the renter a specific period of time (not to exceed 1 year from the original booking date) to reschedule the rental. Doing so is with the stipulation that the renter must utilize the same or greater valued coach or trailer for an equal amount of time and at a rental rate equal to or greater than the original reservation total. The offer may be made with the dates open ended allowing for a future booking, however the renter must acknowledge that availability of the RV is not guaranteed for specific dates without locking down another rental period whilst the dates are still available. Only one re-booking is allowed if this exception is offered.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: Security Deposit deductions may occur such as Additional Mileage, Additional Generator use, Refueling charges (gas and or Propane), Sewer Dumping, additional days/nights use, and the cost to repair any damages made during the course of the rental. Renter acknowledges and agrees that additional costs related to the rental will be deducted from the Security Deposit and that any balance remaining will be refunded to the renter. Furthermore if renters security deposit is not adequate enough to cover additional fees and/or damages, renter agrees that the agency may charge the credit card on file for any remaining balance.

SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT – $500 to $1000 (depending on type and size of RV ). The purpose of a Security/Damage deposit is to ensure that adequate funds are available to:

1. Cover additional expenses for excess mileage, refueling of propane and refueling, pay for dumping fees, additional generator use and excess cleaning required at the return of the rental.

2. Cover the insurance deductible. Should the RV be damaged during rental your deposit is used to cover the deductible applied to any insurance claim.

REFUND OF SEURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT – Deposit fees are returned within 8 business days of coach return assuming requirements are met. Requirements include: holding tanks empty, fuel tanks topped-off, basic interior housekeeping, and clean exterior.

MILEAGE – All daily rates on gasoline motor-homes include 125 to 150 free miles per day as advertised on the booking site (Class A Diesel motor-homes 200 free miles per day) then are charged a nominal mileage fee thereafter.

EXTENDED RENTAL MILEAGE CHARGES – mileage charges for mileage used beyond the included mileage will vary based on the length of the rental and the mileage traveled. (*we request customers be honest about their expected itinerary, this allows us more closely estimate overall expected rental fees)


PREPAID MILEAGE – Prepaid mileage typically allows the renter to pay a lesser fee in advance for mileage they anticipate to travel beyond the free inclusive mileage. NOTE: prepaid mileage if not used is non refundable.

DELIVERY/DROP OFF – No charge for delivery/return to our lot in Whetstone Arizona seven days a week. TUCSON AZ Airport pick-up and drop-off fees are an additional single/one time charge of $260 plus any fuel used. In conclusion, special delivery times may be scheduled in advance by appointment – Additional fees may apply – Ask for details.


No shuttles/deliveries after 3pm. Our service includes picking you up curbside at the lower level of the Tucson Airport (Baggage Claim) after you have secured your luggage, (between 8am and 2pm). Or meeting you at any hotel (adjacent to the airport and located on Tucson Blvd and then shuttling you to our storage location in Whetstone AZ. A Single/one-time round trip fee of $260 may apply

NOTE: If your flight arrives after 2pm, you will need to secure a hotel room for your 1st nights stay in Tucson. The hotel must be located on Tucson Blvd adjacent to the airport. On the day of your return flight, we can shuttle you back to the Tucson Airport (between 7am and 2pm).


Due to the distance to deliver an RV at the Orange Grove/Thornydale (Tucson North Side) meeting point, as well as the time it takes to orientate you to the RV, we do not provide deliveries after 2pm. $280 fee applies.


If you are using ground shuttle services from Phoenix to Tucson and are expected to arrive in Tucson after 2pm, you will need to make hotel arrangements. We can provide pick up service/delivery of an RV at any hotel located on (Tucson Blvd – Airport location). We will shuttle you to our lot (or deliver the RV to you the following morning at 9am).

In order that we may better serve your needs, we ask that you provide us with your expected ground shuttle arrival time in Tucson, as well as the expected return trip departure time.

BEFORE DEPARTURE REQUIREMENTS – A familiarization tour (approximately two (2) hours) is required to acquaint the renter and the drivers with the operation of the vehicle before departure. This tour is conducted only during regular business hours and at the time of pick up.

DROP OFF & RETURNS* – Normally between 9am and 12 noon daily. (*we can accommodate other times by appointment only) Turn In takes approximately 15 minutes.

SMOKING POLICY – All units are non-smoking / No Vaping. Evidence of any smoking, vaping, incense burning and/or candle burning in the motorhome will result in a minimal $1000 cleaning charge.


1. Gasoline Units – we include 3 hours per nights rental (cumulative) – 21 hours per week on motorhome rentals.

2. Diesel Units – we include 5 hours per nights rental (cumulative) – 35 hours per week on diesel motorhome rental.

In conclusion, any additional hours beyond the free inclusive are charged at the rate of $3.00 per hour based on the running meter on board.


Optional rental of a generator is available (for a $15 per day fee as listed in the rental agreement) when renting one of our travel trailers. The use is unlimited.

MEXICO – Vehicles are not permitted in Mexico. Our Insurance underwriters will not insure vehicles for use into Mexico.

CANADA – Use of coaches into Canada is allowed as long as the trip itinerary specifies travel into Canada.

OFF ROAD USE – Vehicles are not permitted on unmarked/non-public roads. Use on dirt roads is extremely limited. As a result renter will incur additional cleaning charges. Roadside coverage may not apply to breakdowns/repairs in such remote areas.

We highly recommend renters utilize Interstate Highways, US Highways, State Roads, and County roads that are paved and clearly marked on road maps. Consequently, using such roads ensures that emergency services can more easily locate you and service your needs.

DAMAGES – Renter is responsible for any damage including overhead and undercarriage damage caused to rented vehicle.

HOLDING TANKS – Coach must be returned with tanks emptied and flushed. $50 charge applies if tanks are not emptied.

GASOLINE/PROPANE – Vehicles must be returned with the same level of gasoline and propane noted at departure. Especially relevant – Gasoline refueling is assessed at $6 per gallon and propane is assessed at the rate of 4.50 per gallon. In addition, a $15 flat rate labor charge will apply for refueling each.

LATE RETURNS – Late return fee may apply. If the return exceeds the original return date by more than 12 hours, renter is subject to twice the usual rate.

EXTERIOR CLEANLINESS – Exterior cleaning fees will be assessed to dirty vehicles and those returned with dusty compartments. Cleaning fees are assessed at $3 per foot of vehicle length. In conclusion, renter may choose to Pre-Pay for exterior cleaning at a reduced rate of $1.50 per foot.

INTERIOR CLEANLINESS – A pre-paid cleaning charge of $40 -120 is charged on all rentals. Our terms & conditions page of the contract explains what our prepaid cleaning fee entails.

TIRE DAMAGE– Lessee is responsible for all tire damage and repair. Flat tires, or a tire damaged through road hazard, are the responsibility of the driver. In conclusion, Roadside Assistance covers only the basic dispatching of a provider. However, it does not cover the cost of replacing the tire.

PRIVATE VEHICLE STORAGE – FREE storage of your vehicle on our premises. Park “at your own risk”. We ARE NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGE TO YOUR VEHICLE. Renters parking their vehicle on our lot are required to sign a liability waiver.

ROOF STORAGE – Roof top storage IS NOT permitted on any of our rented vehicles.

TOWING – Towing with our rented motor-home is Prohibited unless specifically allowed for in the rental contract. * If approved, additional fees of $15 per day/$75 per week will apply.

DISCOUNTS – *** DISCOUNTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME. Only one discount may be applied per rental. (AAA, GoodSam, AARP, Internet Special, or E-Bay Special Purchase) Discount only apply to rentals of one week or greater in duration.


These basic terms & conditions apply to all rentals/reservations. Made either via our secured login/booking area of the website and/or made telephonic or in person. Additional terms & conditions may apply as part of the rental agreement documents. The information listed here is for general informational purposes, be advised that these terms are subject to change without notice.