What happens if the coach breaks down during rental?

The renter is told that they can repair anything that breaks up to a limit of $50, in addition they must provide a receipt for reimbursement. If the repair is for more than $50.00, they MUST follow the explicit instructions contained in the instructions we provide them.

If the coach does not contain an extended warranty, they must call us for approval and instructions. Our Terms and Conditions clearly spell out the procedures that must be followed and our limits of liability.

Our liability is limited to the reimbursement of necessary repairs not caused through the negligence of the renter and does not include any other expenses the renter might incur. Also, we’ve contracted with a national road service company. They provide 24 hour/7 day per week assistance to the renter.

Once the unit has been repaired and returned to us, we will make the determination as to whether the breakdown was due to mechanical failure or negligence on the part of the renter. If we determine it was due to negligence or misuse, we will charge the renter for the repair. If it’s simply a mechanical failure of a part not covered by an extended warranty, you the owner will be charged for the repair as part of normal maintenance. So in conclusion, we’ve got covered.